When is Batch Planning Live?


Monday, June 27 & Tuesday, June 28
9:00 AM PST - 3:00 PM PST










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Let us guide you through the work that will transform your teaching career

Get ready to have the stress of constantly scrambling totally disappear.

We’ve created the ultimate “virtual space” connecting you with hundreds of other middle school ELA teachers working together as we guide you through a truly life-changing experience. 

All you’ll need is your computer, headphones, and a quiet space to focus. (We’ll provide you with a detailed list of anything specific you will need in advance.)

We promise that when it’s all over, you’ll be totally planned out for the first part of the new school year! 

By participating in this 2-day workshop with us, you’ll walk away with:

  • The entire first half of your 2022-2023 School Year lesson plans completed and scheduled, so you can walk out of school each day with your students, knowing you don’t have to think about teaching until the next morning.
  • A new framework for teaching that ensures you know exactly which activities you’re doing every single school day, eliminating stress and overwhelm. 

  • The start of a more effective routine that ensures you consistently produce higher-quality lesson plans while improving student engagement

No more working Sunday nights! (If so, it will only be for 5 minutes to tweak something small for the next day.)

We’ve done batch lesson planning hundreds of times and coached thousands of teachers.

In fact, we actually wrote the book on it... so, you’re in the best hands possible!

It’s going to be a painless process that will transform the way you teach… forever.  

Meet Our Incredible Speakers!

Neill Williams

"Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle as a Teacher!"

Learn a specific framework that will allow you to tackle the obstacles you face as an educator using your teacher super power - your brain!

Bio: Neill is a Master Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School, specializing in Time, Money, and Business. She is the host of The Unbusy Your Life Podcast. Only after ditching her own belief that success was measured by the number of hours worked was Neill able to achieve true lifestyle freedom while juggling her roles as a mom, wife, Master Certified Coach, entrepreneur and employee. Now she helps coaches build their side hustle coaching businesses in 10 hours a week.


Michelle Emerson and Bridget Spackman

"How to Actually Finish Your To-Do List"

Bridget and Michelle are here to make your life easier by helping you master your time, organization, and productivity as a teacher with practical strategies to help you maximize your efficiency while simultaneously decreasing your stress and frustrations.

Bio: Bridget Spackman and Michelle Emerson love to make your life easier by helping you master your time, organization, and productivity as a teacher! Bridget is based in York, Pennsylvania and has been a classroom teacher for multiple grade levels since 2012. She is passionate about literacy instruction and has developed her own method called Bridging Literacy. Michelle is based in Austin, Texas and taught for 7 years before transitioning to teacher professional development full time. She loves to support teachers with educational technology and realistic organization and productivity strategies.


Blake Fly

"Engaging Students and Understanding Their World"

Walk away with strategies to implement actions of appreciation, recognition, and thoughtfulness into the daily routines of students, staff, and campus partners. Each idea will start a series of actions that let students and staff know how much they matter, essentially creating a more positive campus community for all of its members.

Bio: Blake Fly believes that unexpected appreciation is rocket fuel to create meaningful relationships in work and life. He is a husband, dad, entrepreneur, and 8-time TedX Speaker and has been hired to deliver over 1,000 presentations in schools across the continent. Blake's innovative approaches to relationship-building have gotten him invited to work with companies like Lululemon, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. Blake is also the Co-Founder of “My Life Online,” an education company that teaches kids to be safe, smart, and kind online. Blake is also the producer of a 55-year event series for entrepreneurs, called “Thank U Live.” The annual gratitude experience that serves kind of like a gratitude-filled graduation for people all over the world. Blake loses every staring contest he engages in with his baby boy, and has a huge crush on his beautiful bride, Emily.


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— What's Included in

Batch Planning Live —

You'll get:

● Hot Seat Opportunities to Work Through Your Units
● Collaboration Time
● DEDICATED Time to Plan for the Remainder of the Year (invaluable)
● Specialized Breakout Rooms

PLUS, so much more:

● Special Digital Planner
● SWAG Bag
● Breakfast on Us!

Bonus: VIP Package

Everything listed above AND:
● Nail Down Your Novel Unit Workshop
● Nail Down Your Novel Unit Resources
● Planner Add-Ons
● 10 Free Resources of Your Choice
● 12 Fill-In-The-Blank Activity Templates

 Make a Global Impact!

This year, all profits from Summer Batch Planning Live will be donated to The Village Impact to help provide access to community-led education, leadership, and economic opportunities for thousands of children and youth in rural Kenya. 

Meet Our Amazing Batch Planning Leaders!


EB Academics

Caitlin always has big, HUGE ideas—and the organizational skills to pull them off. She’s also the one who’s going to remind you that, when you’re having a bad day, you need to put on your own oxygen mask first.


EB Academics

Jessica is the queen of batch planning—and the brilliant creative mind that makes sure both students and teachers have a blast with our activities. (Those escape rooms? All her.)

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