Learn Our Signature EB Batch Planning FrameworkSM at Summer Batch Planning Live 2024!

...so that you can finally be done with the constant day-to-day scramble, working long hours on Sundays, and spending countless nights during the week planning and grading!

The dates are set ...

August 1st + 2nd

how would it feel to...

Have an entire weekend with no grading or planning, so that you can spend time with friends at brunch or go on a hike - do whatever you want!
Feel the support and inspiration of an entire community rallied around you so that you no longer feel like you’re doing this “teaching thing” all alone.
Finally feel seen and heard as a teacher, knowing you’re learning imperative skills to your teaching success that should have been taught in your teaching program.

Hear from teachers who attended Batch Planning Live!


By participating in this 2-day workshop with us, you’ll walk away with… 

  • The entire first half of your 2024-2025 School Year lesson plans completed and scheduled, so you can walk out of school each day with your students, knowing you don’t have to think about teaching until the next morning.

  • Our EB Batch Planning FrameworkSM for teaching that ensures you know exactly which activities you’re doing every single school day, eliminating stress and overwhelm once and for all.  

  • The start of a more effective routine that ensures you consistently produce higher-quality lesson plans while improving student engagement. 

  • Inspiration and motivation from guest speakers and Caitlin and Jessica that will give you renewed excitement for teaching!

Batch Planning Live was created based on your needs.

A small glimpse of what you'll get to accomplish in our 2 days together!


Meet our Amazing Guest Speakers!

Hayward Jean

 VIP Workshop July 31st @ 2PM

Hayward Jean is the Director of Student Services for the Orangeburg County School District, leading a team of professionals in serving approximately 11,000 students. As an award-winning Principal of Mellichamp Elementary School, the school made history as one of eight South Carolina schools in 2013 to go from an "F" rating to an "A" rating in one year, and in 2014, they were the recipient of the school's first-ever Palmetto Silver Award winner for academic performance. In the 2019-2020 school year, Mellichamp was one of two schools in the Country to be awarded the National Institute of Excellence in Teaching’s (NIET) School of Promise award. Recently, Hayward authored a book entitled, Weapons of Mass Distraction: Dismantling the Influence of Negative Hip Hop Music on Our Youth. He also co-authored a Marriage Prayer Journal with his wife entitled, The Power Cord Devotional: A 40 Day Marriage Prayer Journal for your Prayer Journey.

Matt Eicheldinger

BONUS VIP Workshop

* This bonus workshop will be held during the lunch break on day 2*
Topic: The Powerful Potential of Small Moments

Matt Eicheldinger has been teaching middle school language arts for the past fifteen years where he’s become known for his storytelling method of teaching. He has also created a growing audience on social media, becoming one of the most followed teacher accounts on Instagram. 

Not only are his stories of teaching entertaining, but his journey to a multi-book deal and lead title at Andrews McMeel Publishing, is both captivating and inspiring. In his keynote address, Eicheldinger weaves together the tale of his time as a teacher, pursuit of his dream to be an author, and how small moments are sometimes the ones that echo the loudest.

Kevin Butler

 Day 1

Topic: Lights, Cameras, TEACH - Engagement, Culture, and Relationships 

Kevin began teaching in New York and relocated to sunny California. Kevin teaches middle school at
an independent school in Los Angeles and has also served as Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Kevin's classroom instruction focuses on engaging his students in authentic learning experiences and building relationships. In the spring of 2020, Kevin was a guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show, where Kelly highlighted his dedication to his students during the Covid-19 crisis. In the summer of 2022, Dave Burgess Consulting released Kevin's first book, Lights, Cameras, TEACH - A screenplay for engagement, culture, and relationships.

Allyson Apsey

 Day 2

Topic: Finding Your Own Path to Serendipity

Allyson Apsey has been an educator for 24 years, and an award-winning school leader for 19 of those years. She is passionate about students and staff and leads others through their strengths. She tries to be transparent, vulnerable, and supportive, and she doesn’t ask questions unless she wants the answers.

After 19 years as a school, district and state leader, Allyson is an associate with Creative Leadership Solutions, where she works with districts and schools across the nation to improve performance at every level from the classroom to the boardroom with evidence, passion, and results. She also travels to spread her #SerendipityEDU message across the country.

Allyson writes on a blog called Serendipity in Education and has authored several books: The Path to Serendipity, the picture book The Princes of Serendip, Through the Lens of Serendipity: Helping Others Discover the Best in Themselves, and a middle-grades chapter book called The Serendipity Journal. She also loves speaking to passionate groups of educators as everyone works to be happy and effective people for the benefit of everyone.


That’s when we decided to do things differently, and everything changed.

  • We were finally able to leave school when our students walked out the door. Bringing our teacher bag home? Not a chance. In fact, we ended up throwing our teacher bags away because all we brought to and from school were our purses.
  • We got to actually spend quality time with family and friends where we were PRESENT. We weren't physically in one place while simultaneously thinking about all of the other things we needed to get done for the week ahead.
  • We stopped lesson planning on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis. We knew exactly what we were teaching, when we were teaching it, and why we were teaching it. Not just because we saw something on social media, but because we had intentionally planned our lessons with our EB Batch Planning FrameworkSM in order to help increase our students’ learning outcomes.
  • We were finally excited about teaching again! We fell completely back in love with the profession, and it got to be everything we had hoped it would be and more when we first decided to become teachers.

I was finally able to leave school when my students walked out the door. Bringing my teacher bag home? Not a chance. In fact, I ended up throwing my teacher bag away because all I brought to and from school was my purse.

  • I got to actually spend quality time with family and friends where I was PRESENT. I wasn’t physically in one place while simultaneously thinking about all of the other things I needed to get done for the week ahead.
  • I stopped lesson planning on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis. I knew exactly what I was teaching, when I was teaching it, and why I was teaching it. Not just because I saw something on social media, but because I had intentionally planned my lessons in order to help increase my students’ learing outcomes.
  • I was finally excited about teaching again! I fell completely back in love with the profession, and it got to be everything I had hoped it would be and more when I first decided to become a teacher. 
And we want to help you get the same results….
At Batch Planning Live, we are going to focus on teaching you about our EB Batch Planning Framework, as we break down planning into 4 different stages.
  • Your Scope and Sequence
  • Using the Standards as Your Guide
  • Our Signature Into, Through, and Beyond ApproachSM 
  • The Planning and Prepping Stage
If you’ve been to other conferences or PD in the past and you…

…didn’t feel like you learned anything concrete that you could actually take and use in your classroom. 

…walked away feeling more overwhelmed than when you showed up and now have all of these ideas with no plan to actually implement them. 

…felt like your time would have been better spent grading that stack of essays instead. 

…know that our Batch Planning Live experience is different. 

Here’s the deal with Batch Planning Live...


Here’s why this event is different than anything you’ve attended in the past. 

  • There’s a deep need in the profession for teachers to find inspiration, community, and support. That is exactly what Batch Planning Live is going to bring into your life. Teaching doesn’t have to be isolating. You don’t have to do this alone. Having a community can make or break your experience. 
  • You will have dedicated work time actually set aside to get the work done. No more putting it off until another day when you “finally have the time.” No. You’ve dedicated two days of your life to plan with our EB Batch Planning FrameworkSM that will reward you 100-fold throughout the school year. 
  • You are going to walk away from this event with our EB Batch Planning FrameworkSM skills that should have been taught to you in your master’s or teaching program. Five hours spent planning a single lesson? Not even kind of realistic. Now you’ll have a framework that actually works for planning and gives you back your life outside of school. 
  • You'll gain a deep understanding of how to utilize our Into, Through, and Beyond ApproachSM to plan your lessons more efficiently and effectively and seamlessly utilize your standards as your north star.

What’s included in the event...

  • The 4-Step Process of our EB Batch Planning Framework
  • Hot Seat opportunities to work through your units and ask Caitlin and Jessica your specific questions.

  • DEDICATED time to plan for the beginning of the year - absolutely invaluable!

  • Digital SWAG bag with inspirational posters, wallpapers for your computer, and more. 

  • PRIZES!! We pick a handful of teachers at each event to win all kinds of fun prizes!



  • Exclusive Bonus VIP Workshops with Hayward Jean and Matt Eicheldinger

  • 10 FREE Resources of Your Choice

  • 12 Rinse + Repeat Activities Guide to be used with any unit 

  • Specialized and Exclusive Digital Planner designed with your teaching needs in mind. This planner includes all of your standards, your Scope and Sequence, as well as your day-to-day and weekly plans. 


  • The system you need to organize your Google Drive!
  • Folder outline suggestion (with emojis!)
  • Internet browser hacks
  • Video tutorial
This year, all profits from Summer Batch Planning Live will be donated to The Village Impact to help provide access to community-led education, leadership, and economic opportunities for thousands of children and youth in rural Kenya. 


  • Ticket to the Event
  • Hot Seat Opportunities to Work Through Your Plans
  • Dedicated Time to Plan for the Entire School Year (invaluable!)
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Prizes!








  • Ticket to the Event
  • Hot Seat Opportunities to Work Through Your Plans
  • Dedicated Time to Plan for the Entire School Year (invaluable!)
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Prizes!




Meet Your Amazing Batch Planning Leaders!

Caitlin Mitchell
CEO, EB Academics

Caitlin always has big, HUGE ideas—and the organizational skills to pull them off. She’s also the one who’s going to remind you that, when you’re having a bad day, you need to put on your own oxygen mask first.

Jessica Cannata
CCO, EB Academics

Jessica is the queen of the EB Batch Planning Framework—and the brilliant creative mind that makes sure both students and teachers have a blast with our activities. (Those escape rooms? All her.)

hey there!

We're Caitlin + Jessica


Jessica and I co-founded EB Academics in 2014. As a teacher, I went through years of struggling to truly understand what it meant and looked like to become an empowered ELA teacher - the teacher who got to leave school at school, head out when the bell rang, and not give grading or planning a second thought on the weekends.

I remember those early years in the classroom that led me to quitting. I felt like a complete failure, and teaching began to feel more and more unmanageable. 

The biggest struggle? Learning how to create an easy framework for myself to follow when creating and planning my lessons.

And that’s where Jessica stepped in.

She was the teacher across the hall from me the year I returned to the classroom to give it another shot, and I went to her desperately seeking help and advice. Thankfully, she sat me down and showed me what she was doing - Batch Planning. 

And after years of perfecting our EB Batch Planning FrameworkSM, writing a book all about it, and helping thousands of teachers around the world take complete control of their teaching lives, we’re excited to be able to invite you to our Batch Planning Live event. 

We can’t wait to guide you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Results Speak for Themselves

Take a look at the feedback from some of our teachers after the event!


What are you waiting for?

As a teacher who attends Batch Planning Live, our goal for you is to walk away from our two days together not only feeling inspired, motivated, and excited but also with the whole first half of your school year planned and ready to go. That way, you actually get to enjoy your summer, not giving school a second thought.