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Learn 3 Proven Steps to Finally Cover All of the ELA Standards and Actually Engage Your Students!

... so that they truly master the content and increase their learning outcomes!

Plus, grab 3 FREE highly engaging lessons that can be used to create interest with ANY text!


Led by Caitlin Mitchell & Jessica Cannata, Co-Founders of EB Academics, Co-Hosts of the Teaching Middle School ELA Podcast, and Co-Authors of the Amazon #1 Best-Selling book The Empowered ELA Teacher

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Let's be real ...

It’s totally possible to reach your breaking point, even if (maybe especially if) you’re a great teacher.

Chances are pretty good that you became an ELA teacher because you’re passionate about connecting with your students and watching them grow.

But the warm, fuzzy feelings tend to evaporate when you’re sitting at home for the fifth consecutive Sunday, staring down a pile of ungraded persuasive essays on Tuck Everlasting.

Monday is looming...and you don’t have a lesson planned, either... you’re frantically looking for ideas on TPT and Pinterest, hoping to find something that’s fun and rigorous and addresses at least one or two state standards and will take up the full 50-minute class period.

(Oh, and can it also teach grammar? Pretty please?)

Meanwhile, you’re sitting out another family event. Today it’s a baseball game, but next week it might be Sunday brunch with good friends.

And if you’re being honest, weekdays are no better...

You manage to duct-tape things together for a few hours to help your own kids with their homework, but the second that 8 PM rolls around, you’re back to plugging numbers into the ol’ online gradebook.

Isn’t it time you started feeling good about teaching again?
how would it feel to . . .

Know the 3 simple things you can do immediately to almost completely eliminate your major teaching struggles and improve your students’ lives, without feeling like you’re sacrificing your own.

Have a clear framework for 40-, 60-, or 90-minute class periods, so you know exactly what to teach and when (reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, etc).

Learn specific strategies for spiraling all of the ELA standards with our signature Into, Through, and Beyond ApproachSM, so you can easily cover everything throughout the course of the school year ... without any added stress or extra work.

Walk away from the workshop with highly engaging and rigorous ELA lessons that can be used time and time again with any unit of study ... all meant to actually increase student learning outcomes dramatically.

this will be you, too, very soon...

"What. A. Change! The lessons that EB blessed me with immediately created a change in my students' engagement. 

Students verbally shared a desire for the next part of the lesson/activity instead of just logging on and following steps for the day. This not only made me happy with my students but also while at home. Hours dwindled in my lesson preparation, which gave me more time with my family. Since then, I have continued to use EB activities with my students. Each time students are fully engaged and looking forward to more. My administration and other staff have added a glow to our community with the smiles they share while seeing my students engaged or when hearing about the EB activity they will experience. EB Academics is not just an amazing curriculum to me, it is also an inspiring community of teachers with support for each other, creative ideas, and connections."

Christal Walton, 6th Grade ELA Teacher, 20 years teaching, EB Teacher

"I found EB Academics when I started working at a school with no curriculum.

That year, I saw students grow up to 10 points on the NWEA MAP assessment from the beginning of the year to the end of the year! (Normal growth on the MAP assessment is 3-5 points.) This year, I started working at a low-performing, economically disadvantaged school and continued using my EB Academics materials despite pushback from admin.

My students’ scores on the CAASPP interim grew by 5% whereas other teachers’ scores were stagnant or dropped.

The EB approach to writing works! The EB Grammar program works! The EB Teachers Club has standards assigned curriculum to appeal to a variety of both teaching and learning styles. I’ll continue using EB Academics content despite pushback from admin because it meets my students’ needs!"

Kristine Tendvahl, 7th Grade ELA Teacher, EB Teacher

"I am absolutely in love with EB...

I was a Special Educator for 10 years before taking on ELA this year.

EB has made the transition incredibly easy, as well as fun and engaging, for both me and my students.

I have had incredible success as a Special Educator, and with the guidance and resources provided by EB, I have been able to relay that success into the ELA classroom. I am absolutely in love with EB and all that it offers."

Mariam Siddiqui-Din, 6th,7th, 8th Grade ELA Teacher, EB Teacher