The Empowered
ELA Teacher

BE the Teacher You Want to be,
DO Great Work, and THRIVE


Many middle school ELA teachers face similar frustrations: nights and weekends consumed with lesson planning and grading, no time to create meaningful, engaging lessons, and the struggle to squeeze all the required standards into a 50-minute class period.

It’s enough to make you wonder why you started teaching in the first place.

At EB Academics, we hear you. We’ve been you. And we’ve got you.

Our lesson planning approach is a practical method for achieving the teaching successes you envision. We’ve helped thousands of middle school ELA teachers discover how to transform their classrooms and get back their free time.

In The Empowered ELA Teacher, you’ll learn to strengthen key components of your teaching so you can be the educator you want to be and thrive while doing it.

You’ll discover a powerful way to create lessons that will give your students more focus, growth, and enjoyment—without sacrificing your nights and weekends. 


Praise for The Empowered ELA Teacher

“Mitchell and Cannata’s enthusiasm jumps off the page in this lively, illuminating guidebook for ELA teachers. They not only offer dozens of wildly creative ideas for engaging and challenging students, but they also reveal the secret to simplified lesson planning that will help you regain your sanity, take control of your time, and show up in the classroom day after day with the same passion you had when you decided to become a teacher. The best part: Their writing is so relatable and accessible you won’t want to put the book down. Prepare to be seriously inspired.
~ Ginny Graves, award-winning journalist and author, with Carol Novello, of Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too

"Caitlin and Jessica's willingness to be candid and totally transparent about their trials and triumphs in (and outside) the classroom allow every teacher to feel seen. And rather than offering quick fixes, they get to the heart of being a good teacher, which starts with the right mindset and is sustainable because of good systems. Every single educator who ever feels overworked or disillusioned should read this book."
~ Kara Wojick

“Dive into The Empowered ELA Teacher and let Caitlin and Jessica take you from a stressed hot mess to a calm cool cucumber. The transition will require work on your part, but batch planning, rinsing and repeating, and engaging your students will make your teaching life better and more fulfilling. Reading the book and taking action will help you become the rock star teacher you've always wanted to be.” 
~ Leslie Fitzgerald


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🌟 Your Success Path: As you work through the chapters of The Empowered ELA Teacher, you'll use this success path to help you document and strengthen key components of your teaching, so you can be the educator you want to be and thrive while doing it!

🌟 Custom Invitations and Book Club Menu (including some of our favorite wines and recipes!): A book club meetup is not complete without some good wine and food, right?!

🌟 Discussion Guide: You can use the provided chapter by chapter prompts to guide your book club discussion. These questions pair really well with Your Success Path!

🌟 Bonus Resources: Sticky Note Templates, Bookmarks, and an ✨entire free Comma Games resource ✨ (we're so excited about this!), so you can get started implementing rigorous and engaging lessons right away!

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